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For the first time, arrangements from BLOCK4's own performance repertoire are available for sale! 

All the pieces in our webshop are arranged by the quartet and have been featured in our concert programmes over the years. Each download includes a score and parts, a recording, and four 'minus-one' tracks to practise with, played by us. Click on a title, and you'll be taken to our online shop where you can find more details on each piece, listen to audio samples and buy the digital scores.

In our first collection of scores, launched Spring 2021, you will find some of our favourite Renaissance and Medieval tunes in quartet arrangements. Now, new for 2022, we've got some of our most popular Handel arrangements available for you to get stuck in to as well. 


£ 9

Stella Splendens in Monte p0.jpg

This quartet arrangement is based on a two-part Medieval hymn to the Virgin Mary, from a 14th century Catalan manuscript.


Optional percussion lines in the Alto and Tenor parts are included, as well as optional doubling lines in the Alto and Bass for larger ensembles. 


£ 14

3 Songs for Dancing & Drinking p0.jpg

Watkin's Ale / Would Ye Have a Young Virgin / Lumps of Pudding

A lively collection of works capturing the sounds of Renaissance England’s streets and taverns. 

All three pieces can also be bought separately. 


£ 8

Saltarello SATB PDF Score & Parts p0.jpg

A quartet arrangement of a lively Italian Medieval dance, for recorders with optional percussion in the Soprano line.


A BLOCK4 favourite that has had a place in our repertoire for many years!


£ 6

The King 1.png

The first movement of Handel's Coronation Anthem 'The King Shall Rejoice' is ideal for large groups with SATB instrumentation.


A lively piece that shows off ensemble skills. 


£ 8

Hush 1.png

A favourite Recatative-Aria pair, which features sopranino recorder and strings in Handel's version. The recitative shows off the recorder's warm tone, followed by a virtuosic aria. 

A BLOCK4 showstopper for many years! Also available in 'A Selection of Works from Acis and Galatea'. 


£ 7

Overtur 1.png

The impressive opening from Handel's popular 'Acis and Galatea' is ideal for intermediate - advanced ensembles. 

A great addition to any repertoire!


Also available in 'A Selection of Works from Acis and Galatea'. 


£ 7

Fugue 1.png

The delicate twists and turns of this keyboard fugue are ideal for groups wishing to experiment with articulation, dynamics and ensemble playing. 

We have an SATB version of this one, as well as medium and low arrangements too. 


£ 7

Ruddier 1.png

This Aria is full full of humour and theatrical moments. Originally for bass voice, the basset recorder takes the melody, while the sopranino accompanies with its own virtuosic line. 

Also available in 'A Selection of Works from Acis and Galatea'. 

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