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Ensemble in residence Handel & Hendrix in london

The Art of Sound

This 2019 project saw BLOCK4 collaborate with artist Lynda Beckett and composer Andrew Crossley.

We explored the relationship between musical lines and drawn lines, creating musical and visual conversations in real time.

With Andrew's graphic score - Bardo #1 - as the starting point, BLOCK4 performed a live concert while Lynda drew her response to the music - over the top of Andrew's score. 

Throughout the concert, we kept returning to play Bardo #1, whose score had been modified each time by a new layer of Lynda's drawing.

Every time we performed this concert, new and unique works of music and art were created, based on all of our reactions to what we could see and hear. 

The audience were invited to draw their responses to the music too, which BLOCK4 then performed as graphic scores.

Alongside these concerts, we ran workshops in primary schools. Children had fun making music with us, drawing their own scores, and learning about improvising and reading graphic notation. 

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