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The sample programmes below give a taste of BLOCK4's varied concert repertoire.

For more information about individual projects, check the drop-down menu above!


Polyphony and Eccentricity

Polyphony and Eccentricity - our two favourite things about the recorder!


Over the course of this concert, we use over 30 instruments in all shapes and sizes to take the audience on a tour of the many genres where the recorder feels at home - from delicate counterpoint in early choral works, to complex Baroque fugues, to our own unique arrangements of pop songs and more.


Works include:
O Domine, Jesu Christe  -  Fransisco Guererro
Wicked   -  Michiel Mensingh

 Foxey Lady   -  Jimi Hendrix, arr. BLOCK4


Join us as we trace a line through the night sky. Combining centuries of music inspired by art and the heavens, Stargazing showcases the diverse possibilities of the recorder ensemble, including a new work commissioned by BLOCK4 in 2019. 


Works include: 

Bardo #1  -  Andrew Crossley

Stella Splendens  -  Anon. (13th C) arr. BLOCK4

Le Rey au Soleyl  -  Johannes Ciconia

Would you like to book one of these programmes? Please contact us here! 
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