Recorder Minis is centred around four exciting new pieces of music, that have been especially composed for BLOCK4 with audiences taking part at home.


Find out more about all four composers here, as we add a new piece of music to the website every week.

Verena Barié is a media-performer and composer and works as Junior Curator in Köln (Germany).

Her works, which explore the frontiers of experimental music, live electronics, and performances, create audio-visual narratives centred around the topic of reflection.


As a recorder player she holds a deep love for the instrument and enjoys bringing new music to the widest

range of audience. 

To find out more about Verena and her work, please visit her website:

Photo by Yet-Ho Tsang

Sílvia is a composer specialised in contemporary art-music. She is pursuing a master's degree in musical composition at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

In her music, she explores the different timbre possibilities of instruments, to achieve unique musical textures, which immerse listeners in colour and texture.

Sílvia often uses multi-sensorial concepts as the source of inspiration for her works; she believes music can be related to all of our senses. 

To discover more about Sílvia and her music, please visit:

Andrea Guterres is an Australian composer with a specialisation in electroacoustic music, immersive electronic soundscapes, and multidisciplinary collaboration.

Using diverse media, she strives to tell stories and create human connections with her music.


She recently obtained her Masters from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and very much enjoys collaborating creatively with all kinds of performers, ensembles, and artists.

To learn more about Andrea and her work, please visit her website:

Photo by Celia Swart

Lillie is a British composer, based in London. Her interest in composition grew out of learning various instruments, a flair for languages, a love of creative writing, and a particular fascination with paper.


Apart from composing, she prepares printed music for recording sessions, sings with Covent Garden Chorus, and writes the user manual for the notation software Dorico. 


She's also growing her own jungle in her living room!

To learn more about Lillie and her music, please visit:

Photo by Kevin Leighton

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